Movement Training

Transform your body and life the way nature intended! Give Adventure Personal Training in Seattle a try today!

“I can’t wait to jump rocks and explore new things. The sky is the limit with Wild Play. I have never had so much fun working out!”


“I stumbled upon Wild Play Fitness by accident, and boy am I glad I did! I can’t stand gyms and Jared’s workouts are effective, fun, and always in beautiful locations.”


“This has been my favorite workout experience, ever. And I hate working out. We climbed trees, we hiked, we kayaked, we rock climbed. I quickly started looking forward to our sessions”


Seattle Adventure Personal Training

Transform your body and mind the way nature intended by ditching the gym and get out in Seattle’s stunning natural spaces for a workout you’ll never forget!

  • Who: You, or invite your family or a few friends along for no extra charge
  • What/How: Typical sessions will include anywhere from 2 to 5 or more of the following actions:
    • Trail running
    • Hiking
    • Tree climbing or bouldering
    • Rock hopping
    • Crawling
    • Stone throwing
    • Log lifting and carrying
    • Open water swimming
    • Kayaking/canoeing
    • Self Defense/grappling
    • Balancing on logs, rocks or branches
    • Rescue carrying
    • Meditation and Mindful Movement Training
  • When: Whenever it works for YOU! Sessions are 2 hours in length.
  • Where: Seattle’s amazing parks
  • Why: Because it’s fun, it works and it prepares your body for whatever life can throw at it

Wild Play’s Movement and Fitness program is largely inspired by the groundbreaking work of Georges Hébert, and his study of the movement skills of indigenous tribes in Africa. He went on to create “méthode naturelle” and implemented it with the entire French Military during both World Wars. Erwan Le Corre later adapted Hébert’s work along with other influences to create MovNat the “world leader in natural movement physical fitness and education.” Jared has trained with Erwan and is certified as a MovNat Trainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wild Play Fitness?

It is a form of exercise conducted outdoors, usually on hiking trails. It’s done using your own body and your natural environment to develop your ability to adapt and move through the environment efficiently and effectively, creating a high level of fitness that translates into real world situations. It’s also a lot of fun. You basically revert to the age of 5 years old and run around playing in the woods!

What makes Wild Play Fitness different from other personal training programs?

Wild Play Fitness is done outdoors in natural settings, using only what is found in the natural environment to develop your fitness. You won’t find any dumb, bar, kettle or any other kind of bells. No treadmills or stairmasters. You will see logs, rocks, and even other people be used as objects used to develop strength. Also, while participating in a Wild Play Adventure, you won’t think you’re exercising, you’ll think you’re on a grand adventure, playing hard and having a blast!

What if I’m really out of shape, will this work for me?

Yes! Wild Play is completely scalable, you can go at your own pace and difficulty level, and increase as your level of fitness expands.

What should I wear for a workout?

Wear comfortable workout clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Another factor of wellness to keep in mind is getting as much sun as possible during your Wild Play Adventure. With this in mind, I recommend clothing that exposes as much skin as possible to the sun. Shorts and sleeveless shirts work best for this purpose, however, feel free to bring some layers in case the temperature is cool.

I see that meditation is incorporated into the sessions, what the heck does meditation have to do with fitness?

Fitness comes from stressing the body in certain ways, for a certain duration of time, and then resting the body, allowing it to recuperate and grow to fit the demand. Meditation directly after a workout can jump start this process, and also gives you an opportunity to focus, gain clarity and relieve stress, making you more present, thus more effective in your daily life. We will meditate in different ways from session to session, to focus different aspects of your awareness.