Authentic 3D Remote Recording Services

I specialize in binaural (3D) stereo recording, using a “dummy head” microphone, capable of giving you the closest possible experience of actually being present for the performance. With a fully battery powered rig, I can capture that experience almost anywhere on earth, from concert hall or church live recordings to unique acoustic singer/songwriter albums in the middle of a forest.

With 15 years experience in Audio Recording both live and in studio, as well as a live concert engineer, I have the right equipment, with the right knowledge to apply it, and the ear to make it sound fantastic.

I am available regularly in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area, and able to travel further abroad depending on the project.


Here are a few examples of the kinds of recordings I produce. Make sure to listen through headphones for the full effect!

Here are a few tracks from a recording project I did as part of my involvement with Wilderness Awareness School’s Anake Program. The recordings were done on the school’s campus, in a primitive open walled structure among an old growth forest. To hear the rest of the recordings, click here.

The next two tracks are off my own album, recorded in a small canyon near Santa Rosa, California. To hear more of the album, click here.

This final example is not one I recorded, but is a wonderful example of what’s possible with binaural recording. They even switch between mono and binaural recording to give you a good comparison of just how much depth and space the binaural technique adds.