My First Album!

Hey Y’all!

I have been working hard on my very first full-length (or any length for that matter) album!!!!!

I just got it back from my Mastering Engineer (the guy who does the final tweaks so it sounds extra good), and am sourcing a manufacturer to produce a limited run of CD’s, as well as digital distribution so the album can get onto iTunes, Spotify and the rest.

I’m hoping to have it all ready by Christmas (fingers crossed)!

For now, I can tease you with the following 4 facts:

  1. The name of the album will be: “Liberty Sessions”
  2. All 10 tracks were recorded in a single 3 hour span!
  3. All 10 tracks were recorded outside, in the woods on my property in Santa Rosa, CA.
  4. The album was recorded using a technique called Binaural Recording, which basically means when you listen to it in headphones it will sound like you’re standing in front of me, and you will hear me in 3D!

I’ll keep you posted on a release date!

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