This past week I had the opportunity to join a small group of my classmates on a voluntary, 3-day walkabout. A walkabout is a semi-survival situation in which the group is traveling, hopefully towards rescue, as opposed to setting up camp in one location and waiting for rescue to come to you. While this wasn’t […]


Deepening Relationship with Fire

I began this program with a relationship to fire similar to others who have grown up camping and enjoying the occasional winter night by the living room fire. I loved playing music with friends and family around a fire pit at the campsite. I loved making a fire in the fireplace on a chilly December […]

California Trip

On the day that marks our half way point through the Anake program, we load up into 4 passenger vans and embark on our journey south, to culminate in Southern California at the Quail Springs Permaculture Farm, an annual Anake trip for the past 9 years. As we set out, I couldn’t help but think […]


Exuberant Animal Weekend

It was a day just like any other. I lazily flipped through my Facebook newsfeed, sipping my tea and enjoying the warmth of an early June morning. Then I saw something that got my heart beating a bit faster; a post on the Exuberant Animal page inviting folks to attend a weekend training in October. […]

The CD’s are here!

I now have the first press of CD’s for my new album, “Liberty Sessions” available! I’ve also uploaded my music to all of the major digital stores, and it should be available everywhere within the next week.

My First Album!

Hey Y’all! I have been working hard on my very first full-length (or any length for that matter) album!!!!! I just got it back from my Mastering Engineer (the guy who does the final tweaks so it sounds extra good), and am sourcing a manufacturer to produce a limited run of CD’s, as well as […]